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Article 7.-

The Foundation’s aims are the following:


  1. To promote or develop the study of the needs of humankind, not only of human individual reality, physical as well as intellectual and spiritual, but also its connection with the social community.
  2. The promotion, encouragement or protection of Spanish traditions, which are the people’s essence.
  3. The promotion of music.
  4. To promote the study of the characteristics and cultures of the communities which make up the Spanish nation.
  5. The performance or promotion of cultural activities which will contribute to the good relationship of the Spanish people with other peoples.
  6. The attention to the national artistic heritage and the natural environment, encouraging their knowledge and information, and the cooperation with State bodies and private institutions as regards their conservation and protection.

Social Aid:

  1. The promotion, encouragement and protection of welfare and social institutions.
  2. The care, recovery and social insertion of handicapped people, with special highest- level attention to persons with activity limitations, the prevention of handicaps and special education. Also the prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency and the social welfare of the elderly.


  1. The promotion of research into our historic past and its projection onto the future of our culture


  1. The promotion, encouragement and protection of educational institutions.

The order of the above listing of the Foundation’s objectives does not imply an obligation to fulfil them all, nor does it mark any order of priority amongst them.

Article 8.-

The Foundation may carry out its objectives directly, or through collaboration agreements with other entities or persons, without losing its own legal, patrimonial, statutory or functional autonomy.

Article 9.-

In order to achieve its aims, the Foundation may perform all types of activities, amongst them:

  1. To promote, establish, support or finance studies, research or activities related to the Foundation’s objectives, or help by temporary or permanent means those welfare centres, institutions or persons pursuing the same or similar aims.
  2. To award scholarships or any type of grants to all types of persons or entities.
  3. To convene competitions, create or endow chairs, organize exhibitions, finance all sorts of publications and papers.
  4. To establish artistic, literary or scientific awards.
  5. To give all types of donations, advances and grants for achieving the Foundation’s aims.
  6. To create, support and help institutions, centres or establishments devoted to achieve any of the Foundation’s aims.

The Board of Patrons will chose the beneficiaries impartially and without discriminating amongst those candidates matching up to the following requisites:

  1. To belong to a section of the population cared for by the Foundation
  2. To request the benefits or services which the Foundation may offer.
  3. To lack the appropriate means to obtain the same benefits as those provided by the Foundation.

Article 10.-

La realización de los fines fundacionales deberá ser destinado, al menos, el setenta por ciento de los resultados de las explotaciones económicas que se desarrollen y de los ingresos que se obtengan por cualquier otro concepto, deducidos los gastos realizados, para la obtención de tales resultados o ingresos, debiendo destinar el resto a incrementar bien la dotación o bien las reservas, según acuerdo del Patronato. Los gastos realizados para la obtención de tales ingresos podrán estar integrados, en su caso, por la parte proporcional de los gastos por servicios exteriores, de los gastos de personal, de otros gastos de gestión, de los gastos financieros y de los tributos, en cuanto contribuyan a la obtención de los ingresos, excluyendo de este cálculo los gastos realizados para el cumplimiento de los fines estatutarios. El plazo para el cumplimiento de esta obligación será el comprendido entre el inicio del ejercicio en que se hayan obtenido los respectivos resultados e ingresos y los cuatros años siguientes al cierre de dicho ejercicio.

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